Thursday, August 18, 2016

Full Moon Manisfesto (Throwback / Thirsty Thursday Business)

This is the full moon manisfesto!! whatcha know?  we're dropping these #ThursdayThoughts after bearing witness to the full moon in Aquarius

A fool will soon fall in love with zest!! they're witnessed with the daughter of chaos

A lot of fools are nefarious!! why ask why?  lack of manufacturing jobs? socio-economic conditions have them playing the Plan Z strategy. 

Roger Ailes whisperers / water and weed carriers were followers instead of leaders!!  then they tried to holla at me! 

It fails!! what? coping strategies!! man please! reality is a good teacher /  class is in session.!! per this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday we respond with the sonic aggression. 

We go back,  but hunger and thirst will be the fuel to launch us into the future if it's the Lord's blessing!!

This is Throwback / Thirsty Thursday business in conjunction with the Full Moon!! during the process?  breakbeat scientific business will occur...

What will the work be?  the good word is dropped along with a tune or two!! like up in Louisville dipping down New Cut Road we're sliding through the portal in a blur...

What will the work be? haters will try to burn it down like it's the Blue Cut Fire in California but I stay strong!!  quiet is kept like a real mafioso type!! some don't know what to say to me.

What will the work be? quiet is kept but I stay on point, check out this Full Moon Manisfesto rebuking agents of Babylon that try to lay in the cut for me.

What will the work be? on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday or any day  those corrupting me and you laugh at us when things go sideways.

They try to play us like we're unworthy but work will be done as seasons change / reasons change!! soon the climate change as we slide down these highways.

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