Monday, August 15, 2016

Pardon Me As I Interrupt Very Briefly

Oh yes!! #MondayMorning! You'll have to excuse me / pardon me as I interrupt very briefly. 

#MondayMotivation?  oh yes!! praying but not competing! No need to decide who the chief will be! 

....Wasn't rolling like the USA men's basketball team in the Rio Olympics,  playing that hero ball. 

...Might have mentioned earlier Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero / y'all.

... So what's up y'all? check the dynamics, some might be mad because I interrupt the regular scheduled programming. 

O-Dizzle is dropping funk,  he wasn't into slow jamming. 

What's the dizzle? oh yes!! plans fizzle like it was due to Russian and Chinese hacking /  frequency jamming.

From Milwaukee to Ferguson / Baltimore the system was full court pressing / freedom jacking!! whether we do or don't somebody is damning. 

White chalk will be the art / graffiti drawn in some jurisdictions!!  experts and pundits are cramming to understand. 

....Walking back statements like presidential candidates? some are hard to understand.

...Once again we interrupt very briefly, as constituents go through Monday morning  rites and rituals. 

What's up? Pardon Me As I Interrupt Very Briefly!! Knowledge is dropped on the masses! the constituency ranged from church divas to habitual criminals. 

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