Saturday, August 27, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (You Don't Quit / You Don't Stop!!)

 Still rolling up and down I-20 in Atlanta: the old hip hop cliche was heard, You Don't Quit / You Don't Stop!!

It's going down: who'll understand a brotha? it's a big world / universe which is a blessing  / curse; the madness didn't stop...

Intergalactic like the Juno spacecraft out by Jupiter, but not trying to act brand new with ya  like Donald Trump..

Mathematics dropped like preparing the Orion Spacecraft for Mars expeditions; studied the particulars at NASA in Houston per I-10 Cruising; winning / losing? questions will stump..

Mathematics dropped per Dragonfly 44 conditions consisting of mostly dark matter; still humping / pondering the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...

Fanatics were like, why ask why? they were told #blacklivesmatter due to a dark history, but they said get out of their face!! 

What's happening? what's computed? is the truth disputed? stands were  taken by Colin Kaepernick as constituents ask what was he talking about?

What's happening? it's mechanical the way some operate!! some panicked when treasuries are looted by EpiPen smooth operators!! not the ones Sade talked about..

Whats happening? it's mechanical / fanatical; false pretenses? what's it all about? meanwhile I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but it seems like I'm jumping fences: is it worth it? we're under scrutiny..

Double standards? love abandoned us like Rose Royce? it's cold out here for a player  even though global warming experts say it's thawing out!! good thing I have Diplomatic Immunity..

Meanwhile frustration dominates the community!!  money is tight!! over off of Panola Road in Lithonia families in the Publix parking lot were begging for change.

Obama said it was coming, but Republicans don't want to work with him!! is it up to Trump or Clinton? that's business as usual!! things haven't changed.

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