Monday, August 22, 2016

Exhausted / But We Kept On Running

 We were caught out there!! the structure crumbled around us, but we kept on running. 

Exhausted!!  looking for the so called second wind, but we kept good word dropping and funky drumming

The word in the wind?  the hits keep on coming but I'm not talking about the American Top 40 with Ryan Seacreast on your local radio station. 

Reality is hitting hard per  local national international and intergalactic relations!! 

System integrations were faulty per Delta flights cancelled!!  shadetree mechanics used the trial and error method. 

Damn!! the engine in the Olds Delta 88 malfunctioned!! readings indicated it was exhausted!! soon the Buick Regal was rolling down I-75 to Atlanat!!  now some are accosted by this flood the market method. 

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