Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oh Yes! I’m Still Ranting and Raving!

Its still going down, oh yes! Your dude is still ranting and raving!

On Twitter your dude hits you up with a #cryptictweetbinge they say I’m misbehaving.

Bitter when face to face with a crook? Please! A quitter of Facebook because of all the drama.

Plus constituents were all up in it because I’m in it to win it! But there’s no Donald Trump drama.

We’re in it to win it! Beats will thump plus the good word is dropped..

Intergalactic with it! Out in the universe I cosmic slopped!

Cosmic karma catching up with me? The madness never stopped it intensified!

Drastic measures taken due to this Throwback Thirsty Thursday timeframe somebody lied!

Especially if they say we won’t continue to play , hunger and thirst will be the fuel.

Oh yes! I’m still ranting and raving / misbehaving / acting a fool?
Oh Yes! I’m Still Ranting and Raving! | Whats Really Going On?

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