Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We Hit The Wall

Science dropped per the HumpDay Extravaganza? Oh yes!! we were rolling! riding good,  dealing with the usual setbacks and obstacles. 

Soon we hit the wall, so  whats up y'all?  is it like Trump meeting Mexico's president about the wall? Hustles? Some are good at knocking those! 

Another brick in the wall was the knowledge dropped previously by Pink Floyd; jokers I avoid,  acting devious will be the behavior of some. 

We kick this breakbeat science to y'all, putting it down like Sleepy Floyd back in the day!!  but like #VeteransForKaepernick it's not appropriate behavior to some. 

Tickets raffled y'all;  lottery tickets bought / scratch offs!! losing tickets line the city streets!! back in the day?  dice rolled in Victory Park up in Louisville; please!!  the saga / struggle continues!! it's like others, dude was trying to get his funds right.

With this math we get off..will it do the trick? victory or defeat? the sport is complex, it seems we hit the wall in this zone!! destiny controlled by the brotha O-Zone? straight from the Mothership, the one that's in flight.

#ImStuckIn  the the vortex, trying to get my mind right; paradise is within sight? soon undergoing the healing process.

Stuck per Mothership malfunctioning /  lights blinking on the instrument panel? destined to fall due to the commission or blue ribbon panel? they'll try to stress...

Fast buck gamblers were supported by Hunger Games Peacekeepers and other gatekeepers; they made us stand against the wall!! what's up y'all? snitches will confess..

#WednesdayWisdom  dropped;  unconventional, but bringing insight to those whose backs are against the wall!! they've got us all under duress.

How were we living? Geneva Convention rules followed for spiritual warfare? jokers were trying to interfere with the natural process!! not nice to fool mother nature, things can get ugly.

Getting my mind right!! Geneva Bible needed? who's liable? indeed it can get ugly when hitting the wall but I'm staying busy trying to knock it down!! dropping this good word and rocking the sound!! the answer for those who ask what's up with me!!

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