Monday, August 29, 2016

Whats The Deal? We're Just Trying To Maintain PT.2

Whats The deal? Oh Yes!! we're blessed  to see this Monday!! trying to exceed expectations but we're also just trying to maintain

Whats The deal? Oh Yes!!!  the saga / struggle continues!! we're stressed due to Monday morning business, admitting it!! we're still under the reign..

 #MotivationMonday? insulation from the pain? it can't be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.

 Know what I'm saying? check out how we play!! trying to maintain but the treacherous water flows
It's like being caught out here in this #ATLtraffic, so what's up?  the   / toil and strife may have desensitized us to the beauty. 

It's like being caught out here  with these fanatics!! the pain inflicted cuts like a knife / senseless! hitting the reset button is a duty...

It's a duty to keep dropping these mathematics!! beats banged on the know random thoughts are seminars are conducted.

They say I was a hot mess like Colin Kaepernick!! acting erratic / acting strange / acting random!!  train of thought is running off the rails!!! the Brotha O-Zone conducted...

....Train engineering,  no texting per Amtrak train crashes in Philly but with the text I let you know the deally!! breakbeat science is introduced.

Mechanical engineering / scientific!! studied the big bang theory but not the comedy it's Higgs Boson!!  bossing!! also studied the chaos theory, but the daughter of chaos is not seduced.

Whats The Deal? We're Just Trying To Maintain!!  mitigating factors are reduced while we're out there in the mainstream of mathematics.

Whats The Deal? We're Just Trying To Maintain!! noticed that the system is still these litigating actors and actresses!! they're dealt with,  while we flow down the stream of consciousness.


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