Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Doing The Knowledge On A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday

 Your dude is out here observing the scene like a camera on a high flying drone, reviewing all the information...

...Either swerving down I-20 in Atlanta or high flying out in the universe; who'll understand O-Zone as he undergoes this transformation?

Naysayers were heard saying your a damn lie!! they said it's No Man's Sky!! they'll try to place blame elsewhere like Sheriff David Clarke in Milwaukee...

Prayers are sent up, soon blessings will fall from the sky, but I can't lie; fronts for spiritual warfare are everywhere;  yellow / lime green safety vest needed? drama spotted where the yellow crime scene tape and white chalk will be!!

Players are up in the game like Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, trying to wreak havoc like  Russia / Syria in Aleppo 

Players are up in the game like Negro please, when I drop these breakbeat scientific principles!! they don't understand the style / steelo..
Heard saying yeah, sure!!  but by the time they understand? the new world order will be in effect!! negotiations underway as I type this / by the time some wake up.

Heard some saying I was out of order, but actually one step ahead because it's easy to be misled!! I already knew what the hype was!!  like Aetna leaving Obamacare I read the next chapter about the shake up.

Some "heard what he was saying"  after he did the knowledge; O-Dog blasted the four track recorder..beats are like an earthquake, but there's spiritual significance in this operation!!

Doing the knowledge on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday or any day!!  this man is refusing to be the next capture!! to my peeps? I have an obligation..

Doing the knowledge on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday or any day!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Anita Baker Caught Up In The Rapture as winds of change blow /  I flow down the stream of consciousness / all up in the heart of it!!

Food chain studied, a fool in pain ego bruised / bloodied? Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? positive vs negative or both at the same time!!  the natural process?  what it do? act like you knew!! I'm not trying to defeat myself so I remain a moving target.


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