Monday, September 02, 2013

Everybody Ain't Able / Everybody Ain't Stable PT.4

Told you earlier;  "everybody ain't able"  per old girl sitting in back of the old school Checker Cab! 

....Up in the cabs are Toyota Camry's and Crown Vics..check the science a bruh kicks...I was told maybe somebody can work with ya;  its a big world!! maybe somebody will get it ....check out this product from the lab! this is the deally!!

Chilling in the ATL; some might understand these tales from the  home of the smash and grab;  the Plan Z strategy! 

Like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba to Florida were dealing with success and failure;  what did the process tell ya?  class is in session!

I even felt the pressure!!  I swing back with the Sonic Blackjack ....class is in session! 

Insights gained from West Coasting in Frisco and Oakland;  now a bruh is getting open!
 Check out this article from..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Everybody Ain't Able / Everybody Ain't Stable PT.4

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