Monday, September 02, 2013

The I-20 Chronicles / Please! I Dipped On Them

 I had to get up out of Dodge; dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...soon on I-75 then thing you know I'm in Louisville...

 Thats whats up!! avoiding Louisville Metro Police riding around in Dodge Chargers as I roll down Broadway and Muhammad Ali..its way too real!!

Whats the deal? paranoid? please!! previously it was a set up!! who put grease and banana peels on the floor?  damn!!  I slipped on them! 

Bananas in the tailpipe  per Eddie Murphy?  who'll work with me? setbacks / obstacles?  please!! its like feet stuck out in the aisle I tripped on them! 

....Like Obama on Syria; are they ripe for an attack? understanding how another flipped out on them!!  patience is a virtue! 

Whose understanding me when I dipped on them?  like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba to Florida!!  they ask me...whats up with ya? told them like Isley Brothers I had work to do! 

I got a job baby!!  heard the Lord say to me;  slide through this portal that opens up! 

Now I ride through Louisville...Newburg, West End...Jeffersonville...Jeffersontown...remembered how some get down...jokers lob grenades and IED's trying to play me!!  hoping that the gig is up! 

Hoping that I'm slipping up but I got over it....reminded of past episodes after spotting Kentucky and Indiana plates as  I ride through the ATL after getting back; but Dekalb Police and Georgia State Troopers roam I-20 ready to throw down...I know the devil has new tricks! 

Just like dude walking down Candler Rd over in Decatur in the new Jordan's ....proud because he had new kicks!

Just like dude who had new "vics" or marks; might even steal a pickup to do an ATL smash and grab!

My attitude?  I'm dipping on them...tailgated for a minute at the John Merritt Classic in Nashville...but I'm back in the ATL after the slight hiatus...but I can usually be found in the lab! 

Those smoked out?  or gone off that Molly?  soon in rehab... its no joke out here!!  that's why I'm usually minding and tending! 

Soon I broke out or busted out of L7 square like Rick James!! chilling out in the ATL...I went there... I was dipping on them! 

Kept squares out my circle!! almost flipping on them but I'm just trying to maintain! 

The system truth or dares us!! but I'm dipping on them;  refusing to stay in pain!

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