Thursday, August 07, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / The Throwback Thursday Edition

Check out these I-20 Chronicles; it's going down!! so what it do?  this is Throwback Thursday. 

I'm back on Louisville / Newburg default settings!! back when I was hungry and thirsty. 

What's the deal? we circled the block like the Mars Odyssey Orbiter!! this good word will be the vehicle as we merge into traffic on I-20!! we will also ride the O-Dog rhythm

You heard?  as we get breakbeat scientific!!  like Russian hackers stealing a billion passwords this Sonic Assault will get with them. 

They'll get what's coming to them!! like Russians with the racist laser projection of Obama they invite the drama!!  but due to God's will I admit;  sometimes I have to stand down. 

Back in the day?  flashers blinked on the deuce and a quarter as I chilled on Hancock and Walnut up in the Ville; as the players stand around. 

Holding the block down!! Muhammad Ali is what they call Walnut Street now. 

We're in the ATL dipping down I-20 now!!  on this Throwback Thursday we rock!!  hungry and thirsty once again!! who can we call now? 

Catching fire while playing Hunger Games?  we take a fall now and then but we get back up. 

The fire was fully involved per fireman's lingo until we dealt with a gringo!! this Throwback Thursday is a reminder to let us know what's up!

I go back!! you heard me? but I'm also futuristic like ISIS the Islamic State taking over Iraq; who'll work with me?  

The O-Dog track will rock!! but jokers interfere like the Homeland Security contractor USIS computers were hacked...meanwhile on this Throwback Thursday I remember some players said they macked!!  but I found out they were unworthy!

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