Monday, October 13, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / The Drama Is Revisited

 Breakbeat Science is reloaded; like Tracy Morgan trying to recover after Wal Mart tried to blame him for the accident the drama is revisited!!!!

Breakbeat Science is reloaded; the mothership landed!! I wasn't drafted into spiritual warfare; this brotha enlisted!!!

The Vladimir Putin / iron fisted ruler from the school of hard knocks is confronted Tony Abbott style!! he was shocked that O-Dog rocks!!!

The truth? it's disputed in this game!! my number was listed!! soon I was subject to the authority!! damn!! they had O-Zone in a locked down situation!! but I tampered with the locks!!!

A brotha clocks his surroundings; like the Ebola breach of protocol investigation I   **Do The Knowledge** ;  that was the advice given to me; so I found a clearing!!!

I need to do like Oscar Pistorius I need to *Get my mind right* ; that way I wont be victimized by social engineering!!!

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