Monday, October 13, 2014

Perpetual Motion PT.5 That's How We Work It

I still keep it moving even though jokers threw shoes at me like Ronnie Price!! it ain't nothing nice!!  but I had to stay in perpetual motion.

Sometimes I had to sacrifice;  or I even let go of that notion. 

Some need to let go of that potion or elixir that had them thinking this was "Mamby Pamby Land"

Some need this commotion  to wake them up!! we make it with this brand new funk!!  there is no breach in protocol per Ebola infections!! act like you knew or understand. 

They said I'm acting brand new!!  I was rocking a Haz-Mat suit due to the Ebola scare. 

Hazardous material when we take it there? I smell the brand new funk!!  dude opened the refrigerator in the break room at the 9 to 5'  damn!!  why did he go there? 

I had a notion that some refrigerators at some of these homes had bad food in them. 

I had a notion; I burst through the line like William Refridgerator Perry!!  I wasn't fooling with them. 

Perpetual motion is  going down!! that's how we work it son!! society will gaffle a brotha per Ferguson!! even Cornel West got locked down!! that's not the way to work it. 

Dancing in the end zone like Icky Woods even though it's tight in these hoods!!  word from Tiger Woods!! check out how we work it.

How will the OKC Thunder work it; Kevin Durant broke his foot!!

I'm staying in perpetual motion!! ok!! I refuse to go under!! but I understand no one else will give a hoot!!

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