Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Go Somewhere And Sit Down PT.2

As we can see?  life is hectic!!  some of us need to go somewhere and sit down. 

During the toil and strife some get disrespected like Ferguson protesters at a St Louis Cardinals game;  we see how these folk get down. 

The pursuit of oil have nations battling ISIS;  further down south in the motherland?  we have the Ebola crisis

Rest in Peace Thomas Earl Duncan;  the lastest Z-Mapp treatment wasn't forthcoming!! meanwhile insurance and medical corporations loot the treasury!! understanding from this brotha? oh yeah!! it lets me know there's nothing nice about this. 

Abort operations cousin!! that was the message delivered!!  but O-Dizzle was funky drumming!! O-Zone was dropping this good word: quiting? stopping? naw man!! that's not how I get down. 

The sport is complex!! situations can get the best of us!!  sometimes we need to go somewhere and sit down.

What's up?  we come with the next but it's not the norm!! a hater will say somethings wrong with that picture!

What's up? I can't throw stones!! but some read my blog;   now some say what's wrong with that scripture?

But I will get with ya!!! breakbeat science is the method used!!!

Lord Have Mercy!! Lord Help is the battle cry in this world; after the drama unfurled?  it seems the righteous get abused!!!

Not self righteous!!! I stand accused of  cutting up and acting a fool!!  I've had my days!!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! I rolled up listening to *I stand accused of loving you too much* by Isaac Hayes!!!

Soaking up the Libra Sun rays; enhanced by the Aries moon per the Lunar Eclipse!!

I see ya a naysayer says; they told me I need to go somewhere and sit down!! instead a brotha dips!!

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