Sunday, October 19, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Getting Breakbeat Scientific

Check these I-20 Chronicles;  check the ongoing crisis!! due to "these and those"  procedures?  the saga / struggle continues. 

Like battles with ISIS in Kobane check how we respond to these and those;  we're in soul's kitchen preparing these menus. 

Authorities were truth or daring in these venues;  from Doraville Georgia to spots in Florida where city budgets are enhanced by ticket writing. 

We're caring the sword of truth;  we're daring a hater to spar with us!! breakbeat science?  we kick it!!  check the knowledge we bring.

We're rolling in the mothership;  we get good mileage up in this thing!! per Donald Lawrence check the territory that God increased for us;  local national international and intergalactic

A brotha will get scientific like Canada with a new Ebola medicine;  but who's meddling? damn!! it's nobody but a fanatic. 

They're sweating the technique;  acting like they know a brotha!!  but the mathematics dropped will have them scratching their heads. 

We're dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!!  the style is rather unique per AZ; please!!  O-Dizzle didn't play an instrument!!  he was cutting and scratching instead. 
So!!!  who get's played like an instrument? what's the deal with it? What's the next step?  What's Happening Captain?

Soul; Hip-Hop; Jazz; Funk; Rock; Breakbeat Science!!  Doctor O will take his own medicine!!!

As I take my Meds; as the Ebola watch list shrinks I ignore the Feds; I'm down with the Dreads and Deadheads!!

Music soothes the soul; the EQ reads red on the CD player as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta; understand a bruh? I'm not checking into Betty Ford Clinics or Club Meds!!

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