Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Uncertainty (You Heard Me?) The Relocation

It's going down!!  work is put it!! but it's hard to find somebody to work with me. 

Total chaos and confusion reign in this world!! like I mentioned at my other station there's so much uncertainty. 

Like Houston Texans losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers taking a loss is an option as the reign keeps falling!!  but the funk rebirth will be the rebuttal. 

The Brotha O-Dizzle wasn't fronting or flexing he was rocking!! feel this!!  others were out in the rain;  walking, running:   playing in the puddles.

 ...like children;  this is for the children!!  soon to get muddied and dirty due to the ongoing chaos and mayhem?

There's so much uncertainty in the world!!  there's no time for playing.

Time for praying is needed;  might need to find a quiet place. 

We're dropping the brand new funk during these times of uncertainty!! that's what's playing!! were not going out quiet in this race

Saw a mirage in the desert; not on the Las Vegas strip; maybe in the Middle East!!

Oil wells up and running!!! OH NO!!! captured by ISIS?  now check the crisis table overturned?  no feast?

Back to square one to say the least!! but oil company executives bank accounts are still fat!!!

Uncertainty? it's relocated but it's worldwide!!! East Coast; West Coast; Dirty South; Midwest, WHERE YOU AT????

It's local, national, international and intergalactic as me and O-Dog bring that; check the sound!! as we get get down; get down!!

O-Zone!!  dealing with the uncertainty; they had me caught up in the system / matrix, so to escape? I have to put it down!!!

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