Monday, October 13, 2014

Check The Score

Don't check the score on ESPN;  pundits and so called experts were the new type gangsters!! they program or brainwash you!! they said try CNN or maybe the Fox News Channel!!!

Meanwhile O-Dizzle is in the lab; what it do? Grover Washington or Barry White I channel!!

Check out my channel; the O-Dog Podcast; the game's not over!! we make a comeback like Kobe Bryant ...we're back in the conversation!!

We roll like ISIS in Kobani! they're defiant!! we're not on the sidebar!! this good word dropped by O-Zone is real; not just a sidebar conversation!!

We ride in your section; from Highway 101 and Interstate 80 / 280 / 580  in the Bay Area to I-95 in the East!!

...Even I-65 to Chi-Town; I-75 to Detroit; and all points in between!!

I'm somewhere in between!! after leaving Louisville I might hit I-64 to St Louis / Ferguson because I don't like how they work things!! 

I'm somewhere in between!! to say the least!! once out on Pluto or Mars but now dealing with these earthlings!! 

You can feast off of this sonic buffet like the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants; check the score or check out the sound we put down!!

To say the least!! rough is how we play per Victor Cruz! "we're not fixing to lose" it's like this when we put it down!!

To say the least!! check the score!! the reigning champion is put on notice like Seattle beaten by Dallas!!

Famine or feast? check the score!! some will get whats coming to them!! they're sick like Ebola in Dallas...


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