Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Last Laugh PT.6 (Bittersweet)

Old dude up at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville said you need to take the bitter with the sweet. 

The attitude? ready for the drama per Florida State vs Louisville!! but  I reflect on past episodes!! what's the deal? damn!! the  memories are bittersweet. 

The attitude? the street code is still followed;  I remembered the time per Michael Jackson

Shrewd and clever ones met their demise / Waterloo like Napoleon!! they told me they were all up in the action!! 

 So who had the last laugh? rolling like Napoleon Dynamite!! what it do? so what's the deal  when reality checks were cashed? 

These jokers "ain't right" who had the last math when fantasy and reality meshed? 

....Or when they're mashed up;  damn!! like the Antares rocket that exploded the mothership crashed up in this piece!! 

Now I'm stuck on earth trying to rock it!!  what's it all worth per Ferguson and other spots?  I realize there's no justice no peace. 

The madness wouldn't cease; the hustle? the system knocked it!! you'll get caught out there like Eric Frein in Pennsylvania, so I had to govern myself accordingly. 

The last laugh is the ultimate revenge; even when the fashion isn't orderly. 

We continue clashing with so called Titans; the border will be crossed!! we cut the corner on them!!  boundaries aren't recognized. 

Now I have the last laugh per jumping to conclusions;  after I recognized. 


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