Saturday, October 11, 2014

Getting Your Mind Right PT.2

Get your mind right!! that's what some want to tell Leon Panetta!!! that's what my grandmother once told me!!

So I did the knowledge; what will that do for a brotha? like the Ferguson weekend of resistance I'm at the service desk returning bogus merchandise sold me!!!

Systematic procedures try to fold me and my people  like office correspondence!!

Breakbeat Science? it's studied and implemented; it's my response to all this!!

Is that what you call this someone asked?  they thought it was harsh rhetoric!!

Oh Yeah!!! it is what it is!!! as my scattered thoughts were collected!!

They were collected like past due credit card debts; or Wells Fargo foreclosed mortgages!!!

I stay connected to God's unchanging hand due to internal and external scrimmages!!

One hemorrhages from internal and external injuries; physical and  mental!!

This breakbeat science is the essense of discipline; the good word is sprinkled over an O-Dog instrumental!!

Beats are broken; just like my English; similar to that of an justice and peace searching / border crossing  immigrant!!

Similar to a search for democracy?  sometimes hypocrisy?  no telling what you will get!!

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