Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Following The Protocol

It's going down!!  but like the Thomas Earl Duncan rocking the lime green shirt /  Ebola breach of protocol ?? something just ain't right. 

..Plus that's word from Keith Sweat; lime green safety vest worn by first responders because history will repeat if the game ain't tight.

 Please!! O-Dizzle will work up s sweat!! the style is blue collar!!  the last of a dying breed

What's the Dizzle?  a portal opened!! now breakbeat science is dropped!! I dipped through with the high velocity!!  I had the speed you need. 

The reign began with a drizzle;  true indeed!!  now like the Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Antares rocket that exploded it's falling down. 

..Plus the price is not right!! even though I spotted the peeps they're calling down. 

Paying the price? some were smoked out like Rob Ford!! others aren't on one accord!!  sleep is falling down on some of them!!  they said they were working overtime. 

*It ain't nothing nice*  plus I wasn't on board!! I follow the proper protocol when I go for mine. 

I'm out here minding and tending ; handling this breakbeat scientific business. 

Following the proper protocol!! that's how I roll y'all!!  I know what the deal is!

How did others roll? they get knocked out of the game like Tony Romo; the Dallas Cowboy win streak is over!! 

Following the proper protocol? O-Dizzle rocked out!! breakbeat science is used to get over!!

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