Saturday, October 25, 2014

Go Somewhere And Sit Down PT. 4 (Have A Seat)

I see these jokers running to and fro like San Francisco Giants trying to keep up with Kansas City Royals!! somebody needs to go have a seat. 

Some are defiant!! no loyalty is shown!! so I'm gonna get you suckers was the system's mantra!! the Webmaster's strategy?  alt shift delete. 

Drama royalty was tripping!! now who's left without a seat when the music stopped playing? 

Now who's left?  sleeper cell members fall in love with the American Dream;  no more jihad?   plus they stopped fasting and praying! 

Peacekeepers from the Hunger Games and the UN will do them in!!  they should have found a seat.

Please!!  haters creep up on us reflecting hunger and thirst in the game!!  but they need to go somewhere and sit down!!  I grew up in the street. 

I grew up in the heat with the block being hot per Louisville / Newburg shenanigans!!  I even had to go somewhere and sit down. 

But now I bring it back rolling like Craig Mack!!  can I get down?
Check out how I bring it back!! doing it like Parliament / Funkadelic!!  I Get Down, Get Down!!! Like Kool and the Gang?

Naw!! it's not Jungle Boogie!! jokers like shooters at Canada's Parliament act brand new with me!! no diplomatic immunity from the pain; it's not strange!!!

But I arrange for immunization after illumination; To God I had to pray!! I had to pray!!

**That's How I Make It**  movin to a better day!! after going somewhere and sitting down I got my mind right!! now doing things a better way!

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