Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Minute Heroics / The Culmination

We're all up in the spot; we had to pull off these last minute heroics. 

Due to San Francisco Giant championship type situations it's also a culmination; but trying to remain calm in the situation per the ISIS type scheme or plot!!  just trying to rise to the occasion!! what fools will try to deal with these stoics? 

Two occasions?  day or night per The Deele?  that's when trouble will holla atcha! 

Jokers "ain't right";  that's the deal!!  please!!  this is real when we holla atcha! 

All up in the spot trying to put it down!!  homie said it appears to be a culmination. 

There are a lot of things happening at one time!!  it's out of control!! check the situations. 

We respond to the situation!!  we rush the spot like Kurds in Kobani. 

Officials try to issue Ebola quarantines but we surprise them; will we still have fight in us like Kobe and them?

Per the Los Angeles Lakers;  these last minute heroics will repel the fakers that were all up in the spot.

....Plus thought and fashion police get dealt with;  those wannabe weather manipulators tried to make things hot. 

Sonic assaults are used when clashing with these Republican Party style  jokers with their own brand of last minute heroics...

We were hip to the chain of events; bear witness to the  culmination from the last of the stoics... 


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