Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who's Acting Like Others That Flipped Out? PT.2 (Thet Need To Get Their Mind Right)

How would you play it? at the end of the day? It don't matter who your down with!!

Republican or Democrat; how did they play?  both of them are shady!! The Titanic??? you'll go down with!!!!

COME AGAIN!!! With What?? What's That?? that sound that has knowledge!!

I DID IT!! I'LL ADMIT IT!! Not ashamed!! that I'll acknowledge!!

I'll also acknowledge the omnipresence of GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!

Last Laughing!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! it's based on this math I bring; now these devils form weapons to  fight me!!!

Who's acting like they flipped out? they need to get their mind right!! I Knew the inside joke!!! God has got me!!! if I keep it righteous!!!

I dipped out out on I-20 in Atlanta; that's where the mothership landed me!! HMMMM  God has got me!!! that formula appears to be working; why should I fight this???

I slipped out in back out on the deck on Chronicles type business; .....Should I light this match?  fire up the crack pipe or even the blunt??

A brotha flipped out as I Shop for ingredients for the Meth Lab per some Breaking Bad type of business?  should I go on a hunt????

SAY WHAT???? THAT'S A NO NO!!!  per the Marvelettes The hunter is captured by the game!!!

OH!! It's not my fault!!! I Refuse to be captured by the blame!!!!

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