Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who's Acting Like They Flipped Out? (They Need To Get Their Mind Right)

Taking old girl's advice;  I'm not trying to be like those that flipped out!!  so I'm trying to get my mind right!

*It ain't nothing nice*  so I'm getting mechanical!! using Craftsman or even Stanley Tools; * I'll make sure mine is tight*

ALL RIGHT!!! ALL RIGHT!!! check this math man!! more than tools are needed to adjust my attitude!!!

*I'm in conflict with the world*....some fools are fanatical /  arrogant and rude!!!

*Those words sound familiar* AH HAH!! they told me I was arrogant and rude!!

Postures lost by familiar spirits who fell like the rain in Atlanta? earlier they were considered clever / shrewd!!

La Costra Nostra?  La Familia?  dude!!  Three Six Mafia said it's  hard out here for a pimp!!

Please! what's the deal? I spotted the slow speed chase with the Nissan Versa vs Clarkston Police; damn!! was something lost in translation? somebody said per Obama it's even harder out here for an immigrant!!!!

What's the deal with it?  Brad Keselowski and Tony Stewart go at it;  who's acting like they flipped out? can you feel it???  Jesus probably could; he died on the cross!!!

I heard what was said by the White Boy Joe Biden!!! was he able  to get his point across!? 

Codes were interpreted; toss that theory aside?  you'll be flipping out!! slipping and sliding into the abyss!!

DaVinci? street? you heard it?? I mean really, what could you say? at the end of they day you'll find out what the deal is!!

Check Out O-Zone's Flipping Out!!

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