Thursday, October 09, 2014

Cutting The Corner PT.4 (It's Going Down)

It's going down;  soon a brotha will cut the corner on them

Oh!!  the processes are still breakbeat scientific!!  unlike the Texas Hospital treating Thomas Earl Duncan for Ebola I'm not accused of cutting corners on them. 

Up in Louisville? I was out there on the corner with them!! who?  my brethren!! we were discussing ghetto politics. 

What's the deal? the Louisville skyline is the screensaver on my iPhone!! but who messed with the time?  they hit the fast forward button!!  now I'm going through this / through with this! 

Once again it's on!! but others are through with this brotha because I didn't join the corporation

I was tired of the misery that wanted company;  all the bitching and moaning!!  they need to abort that operation

Those that were bitching and snitching are now moaning up in trauma wards. 

It's like the Allies pitching bombs against ISIS in Kobani;  players were in the midst of a crisis!! now they're trying to come back like Kobe Bryant!!  in the midst of wars and rumors of wars!! 

From the University of Louisville hospital to Shands in Jacksonville ambulances roll up with the defiant!!  some feel the backlash. 

The curse will be lifted off of the real ones; but these crooks didn't give back the cash. 

Check out the  lack of restitution!!  please!! there's no rest from the institutions platform!!  I dashed like Usain Bolt

I cut the corner on those fools;  they lied about the rules!! they're  soon struck by a lightning bolt. 

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