Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Saga / Struggle Continue : Still Subject To The Authority

Concepts are revisited like when I go back to Louisville from time to time. 

I had to get the gist of it;  still learning lessons while I'm caught in moment of time. 

We're all caught up in the system / matrix;  at the end of the day?  we're all subject to the authority. 

Had to admit;  like athletes at University of North Carolina and "paper classes" I was brought up around those that faked it!!  but lessons were learned from the drama royalty. 

Drama queens and kings requested loyalty;  but they'll be the first ones to throw you under the bus. 

Observing these scenes per Sanford Florida and Trayvon Martin or Ferguson Missouri and Michael Brown;  how did the system get down? there's no peace or justice.

 I said it wrong;  it's no justice and no peace as these  Hong Kong residents bear witness. 

We stay strong as we speak truth to so called power aka authorities;  we know what the real is.

It's going down!! they said they expected trouble from me!!  the saga / struggle continues;  it seems it never ends.

 But like the SpaceX Dragon the brotha O-Zone slides through the portal / crease or seam with this good word and the funky blend. 

It's like coffee;  a breakfast blend!!  waking that ass up is the mission!!

Subject to the authority? please!! going off will be the strategy!! we keep on pushing like an Impression. 

Per Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler;  this brotha continues to put work in. 

The saga / struggle continues;  I told shorty a man's work will never end!!

This sonic defender will steadily bombard the enemy position;  check the preemptive strikes. 

The saga / struggle continues; who's subject to the authority?  we keep doing it / we keep swinging;  in these World Series per Giants and Royals? we won't be called out on strikes.

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