Thursday, October 16, 2014

Go Somewhere And Sit Down PT. 3

I'm like a doctor prescribing medicine to myself!! I'm taking my own advice. 

I'm trying to go somewhere and sit down!! bossing myself on this National Boss Day!!  dealing with the apparatus?  it ain't nothing nice. 

We're caught out there in the system / matrix; taking a loss after dealing with a joker that'll fake it!! plus paying the price has taken a toll on a brotha!!

Who had my back?  its like an Ebola breach of protocol;  what's up y'all?  I guess it's on a brotha. 

Jokers act like they're on to a Brotha like Blake Griffin on to Donald Sterling!!  like they had been peeping game. 

Others weren't working with me like I was Vladimir Putin! plus they have the story twisted; they confused me with someone else!!  like I was sleeping in the game.

I'm not trying to be cute in this thing!! this is something deep from a veteran in the game now coaching. 

I admit;  I had my doubts!!  wondering why I was all up in the spot when Armageddon is approaching. 

Sometimes encouraging myself / coaching myself per Donald Lawrence;  that's how I get down. 

Recognizing evil as the opponent; the debatable circumstance makes you wonder if you're being built or torn down?  so at the moment I told myself to go somewhere and sit down. 
Lord Have Mercy!! how did some get down? for the money some will do a back flip, jump up and down, say I told you so!!!

They wouldn't work with me!! but I'm not mad at anybody! I'll say a prayer for a tormented soul!!!

Speaking of Soul?  old and new school funk are going down on the O-Dog Podcast!!!

That's how we roll; it's the by-product after I went somewhere and sat down!! I even had to pray and fast!!

Now check the Sonic Assault!! check my conduct as take it there!! as I get crunk, dropping Hip Hop ; and I even dabble in Jazz!!!!

Hell was caught! I had to go somewhere and sit down!! I had to get out of the hot mess!!

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