Friday, October 17, 2014

How Did They Play It? PT 2 (Still Asking That Question)

Like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa chaos and confusion dominates the landscape;  so how are jokers trying to play it? 

Cause and effect relates to the ongoing madness; some say a brotha is acting fake when I holla atcha!! please!!  some act like they were bitten by bed bugs in the mattress!! plus roles are played by the actor or actress;  how will they say it?

I was mad at this world / in conflict with this world !!! check out the fury like Hurricane Gonzalo hitting Bermuda;  I had to pray about it. 

Peace is difficult if not impossible to find;  you heard me? I'm just trying to maintain!! I had to pray about it. 

I lay in the cut;  like Master P I'm about it bout it!!  what?  this breakbeat scientific business. 

I see how jokers play it;  they're corrupt!!  but I already knew what the deal is. 

I see how jokers play it: they'll need to get their mind right!! sometimes it's hard to do though!!!

We're always facing challenges; reflecting on the stars and stripes vs the ISIS Black Flag!!  even though I cut and paste or drop and drag some question what you know!!

How did they play it in the ATL? I  had to pull out the Black Flag pesticide based on how these pest ride!! they'll act like they knew it! but  that's how people function at church, government,  at work and at school!!!

Heard a song by the Main Ingredient; Cuba Gooding Sr / ...Everybody Plays A Fool!!

Old School sound; while Cuba Gooding Jr. was saying show me the money!!

An old fool found out they were playing it wrong!! they're wishing it was simple or a good thing!! now they're trying to roll like Tony Abbott trying to confront Vladimir Putin at G20

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