Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Reign Was Falling

It was a rainy day/ night in Georgia when I wrote this!!  Brook Benton was in the amen corner. 

He mentioned it was reigning / raining  all over the world;  which force was running things good or evil?  lets see what it do.

 I paid attention even though I'm broke;  what's normal to you seems like total chaos to me.

I played this and that dimension like a true mystery "unraveller"  a true intergalactic traveler; interstellar?  or maybe even out to sea like the USS Detroit; that's what's up with me.
The reign keeps falling; that's what I'm trying to tell ya from Oakland to bankrupt Detroit!! but  it didn't corrupt me because Louisville already did. 

Once a goodfella along with being a scholar; now I'm in the ATL dipping down I-20 chasing a dollar;  authorities are sweating trying to keep their budget straight but I'm not pumping brakes making the vehicle skid!

Who's showing hate? I see you / them  after I slid through the portal;  you / them  were still posted up. 

The reign kept falling; somebody wanted to write a letter titled  Dear White People? those that went against the winds of change were toasted up.

They'll be roasted up at the barbecue;  those who considered themselves entitled soon see / smell the smoke enhanced by mirrors !! then the rain kept falling interrupting the parade!!

Others bragged and boasted up in this piece;  but the pain kept falling down on them for participating in the charade. 

Brothas victimized when the matrix architect dragged and dropped the drama? oh yeah!! plus assistance was provided by the Adjustment Bureau..

Brothas kicked it!! what? this knowledge!! letting the masses know the reign is falling!! I didn't trust the so called hero!!

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