Tuesday, October 07, 2014

What Just Happened? PT 4

What it do?  what it does? like folk asking where's leader Kim Jong Un some want to know what just happened? 

What it do? what it does? the mothership gets good mileage;  at the moment?  I'm strapped in. 

A brotha gets scientific; during the ongoing process? it's like the latest London Terror Plot;  the evil opponent is rebuked. 

Can we kick it? yes we can!! it's going down like the X-Men Apocalyse when we unleash the sonic assault!!  the spot will get nuked. 

What's up man? the structure will collapse!! so O-Zone juked them like he was Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders. 

Now these corrupt ones either love or hate me;  sometimes at the same time!!  plus during the day it flunctuates!!  was it because of the Aries Lunar Eclipse?  but I understand this. 

I had to land this mothership down here with these earthlings;  one trips on how I work things.

A brotha is doing what I gotta do plus doing what I do!!  that's how I work things.

 It's based on what I knew; it's like rogaine for the baldy as the science is applied.

 I'm acting like knew; like the ISIS attack on Kobane being repelled  authority is defied.

What just happened? hindsight was 20/20; you've heard the cliche mane!!  talk is heard after the fact!!!

What just happened? it's the old woulda coulda syndrome; A lot of people have that knack!!

It might be the what if strategy like the Missouri police plan in case the cop that shot Michael Brown is not charged!! but I digress so I bring it back; as I proceed through the gray area!!!!

It's that territory where the lines blur; the grey area scenario!! now the drama goes down and some ask what just happened? Oh Yeah!!! check the scenario!!!

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