Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Last Laugh PT.7 Still Staying Humble

We're all up in the spot making our last rounds like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning!! plus we're laughing like The Joker.

 But we're not loud with it;  the plot or scheme will gaffle boisterous ones that lack understanding!!  they'll get played like a joker.

We're intergalactic like Battlestar Galactic or Virgin Galactic but traffic is crowded like I-285 in Atlanta;  losing your poise like attacking a police officer in DC with an axe  is an option.

Mathematics are dropped on these crowds by O-Zone;  O-Dizzle will bring the noise in;  he will rock them.

Fanatics make noise;  now authorities clock them and those trying to get free and stay free.

Blacks lift every voice and sing per their national anthem!!  irrational ones?  I holla at them!!  but there's not much they can say to me.

Jokers tried to play me the other way like I just got here the other day;  but I'm a veteran in the game.

 Now coaching  / last laughing;  even though Armageddon is approaching I'm not the one to blame.
Dude said money he would collect!!! Checks he would cash!!! he had a stimulus plan like the Bank Of Japan!! he was rolling with reckless abandon!!!

But he didn't **Do The Knowledge** soon things are bad like the Euro Zone economy !! now he's caught out there where the drama will be!! It's himself he will abandon!!!!!!!

***He Abandoned Himself*** he didn't do the math!! plus he didn't care about repercussions!!

At the end of the day? I had the Last Laugh but I still stay humble it's easy to stumble!! dude told me not to slander him when I came through with these discussions!!!

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