Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Process Is Ongoing; The Saga / Struggle Continues

The saga / struggle continues....word to those affected by Superstorm Sandy...some will understand me when I say the process is ongoing! 

One thing led to another on these menus; as we go through that and this....trying to stop the stress;  so whatcha knowing?

We were once flowing upstream in the losing like the Los Angeles Lakers even though changes were made...we're running into every possible obstacle!

 Whatcha knowing out there in the mainstream of mathematics!! as we get scientific..oh yeah we rock those! 

A fanatic will sound like Mitt Romney when they knock those....the hustles; but we already knew how they would act!

 Rackets were run by these gamblers out for a fast buck; they're just new type gangsters...we already knew how they would act! 

Wannabe actors and actresses front for the camera...they're trying to take Flight per Denzil Washington...going all out for their fifteen minutes of fame! this is some kind of reality show;  the saga / struggle continues....the process is ongoing....soon some realize that its all game!

Were all the New York Knicks beating the Miami Heat; whose feeling the heat after saying we were going in? no shame in the game for these willing and unwilling participants! 

Were all in ....just trying to get a win....the saga / struggle continues...blatant..subtle...discrete...were dealing with it!

 So whose part of it...the problem or the solution it can go either way! 

Whose part of it?  fusion centers monitor the situation..they'll see how you play!

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