Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / The Humpday Edition...In My Element

I was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on this Humpday..I was all up in the spot..but the atmosphere was intense. 

Some were slipping..they're taking a loss like Eric Cantor ..beaten by Dave Brat...but I heard that!! the inside joke about the Tea Party scheme or plot..there's no benevolence. 

Like Da Brat some thought they were Funkdafied...but somebody the devil is in the details!!  you better check the fine print. 

What's up with that? I'm still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...listening to the O-Dog funk..a weapon used as authority is defied..I'm in my element...

What's up with that?  some are sloppy like Miami Heat point guards..meanwhile next level moves are still made by this brotha...I'm in my element. 

Going all out for that like insurgents in Iraq seizing Tikrit and Mosul...check out how we roll..we're in the thick of it...

Some are trying to run things like Donald Sterling..but the sport is complex!!  it's not elementary like Sherlock Holmes told Watson.

Abort operations!! move on to the next!!  that's what those working scams at the Hamilton E Holmes MARTA station were told!! authorities were watching them. 

Abort operations!! that's what old dude was told when he was pushed off the MARTA train...what's up mane? obligations have some exhibiting multiple personalities.

Concentration or focus were lacking up in the's going down from the ATL to Ukraine...check the cult of personalities.

Some succumb to the bogus...the ongoing situations had some distracted!!  but as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta on this Humpday I realized  I was in my element. 

...bringing the drum and this good word!! still going for what I'm knowing!!  I'm still dealing with it. 

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