Friday, October 10, 2014

Life Is Hectic / It's Out Of Control

I was all up in the spot;  so called powers that be try to hit me up with the rhetoric. 

It's out of control!!! then it was like ISIS threatening Baghdad when I heard ear shattering gunshots!! but I was wise to the whole set up!! hip to the schemes or plots!! that's due to this forensic rhetoric. 

How did we roll? my team caught the vibe!! damn! it's hot like the 80 degree October weather here in Atlanta!!  life is hectic!!  but dude tried to front!!  he tried to geek me up!! he said I was big time.

 I observed the scene;  soon I'll be ready to roll!!  I'm going on with mine. 

I'm going for mine;  but haters want my plane to crash or disappear like MH17 or MH370

I'm going for mine;  but life is hectic!! it's out of control!! but some jokers think everything is heavenly. 

Check the IED's and land mines; the devil will be in more than just the details and the fine print. 

Life is hectic!! it's out of control!!  the moves a Brotha will make?  he will circumvent. 

Some make a circus out of it when this thing is serious. 

How did they work this?  I heard what was said!!  they sounded delirious. 
I told you!! this is not a game!! it's something to me!!  I'm the one feeling it!!!

Some are able to relate; the situation is out of control!! So What Are You Dealing With???

Some are able to hate!! like St. Louis area oath keepers / authorities;  they'll illing with it!!  some said the bigotry / hatred is genetic!!!!

...Enhanced by this Babylon lifestyle!! it's somewhat hectic!!!

Don't you feel it?? it's electric!!! now just slide!!!  like old school parties I **Cha, Cha, Cha**

Cherry or Grape Kool-Aid drunk by these citizens; now it's **Rah, Rah, Rah**


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