Thursday, November 03, 2016

Winds Of Change PT.5 (Throwback / Thirsty Thursday Edition)

 Winds of change blowing? that's the feature!! this is the concept for those wanting to know the deally; check out the boundary or border..

This creature is kicking the habit, like Hole In The Wall Clubs Mel Waiters mentioned others will take a stab at it!! but my priorities are in order!!

They'll reach you!! what? winds of change blow in like Chicago Cubs winning the World Series!! haters mentioned that we weren't ready..

They'll reach you!! what? winds of change blow in!! O-Zone has this good word while O-Dog has the dubs, but I see others: either there was no trust or they confide with the enemy.

They'll reach you!! who? the stranger who was just a flagrant agent that'll fake it; who'll hide us across the border as we take it to the bridge? I spotted the contaminated entity.

...As we make it funky, we take it to the bridge like James Brown told Maceo!! .but they say we're out of order, with outdated laminated proxy cards!! we're unable to gain entry.

...Under scrutiny like Clinton e-mails; Winds Of Change blow in!! trying to get down but some act brand new with me!! like Donald Trump they can't recall this or that, so we dipped back to the community.

Per Fred Hammond, we're realizing no weapons formed against me would work so we keep it moving, we change or be changed!! it's even though jokers tried to do the devil's work out there in the Attack Zone!!  I was fired on!! jokers act like they're through with me!!

But, we stay jamming!!  winds of change blew in!! I was saved due to diplomatic immunity.

We stay jamming!! as winds of change blow in O-Dizzle will take a beat and break it, while in the UK jokers are worried about Brexit!! stress in the diplomatic community?  

Per MC Lyte jokers are cramming to understand as these winds of change blow...

Insight is dropped, fueled by being hungry / thirsty on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday!!  as these winds of change blow

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