Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (We're Back In Business)

 Once again it's on!! check out these I-20 Chronicles, we're back in business...

August is here, in the midst of Leo Season; Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? it was both, the reason for the brief hiatus..

Augustus Caesar types plotting and scheming with the borderline treason? somebody mentioned Trump / Russia..

 Render unto Caesar what is his per Matthew 22:20-22? jokers act like they knew, passing me up on I-20 in Atlanta in the name of commerce; they felt the pressure!! 
What it do? I even felt the pressure!! I was told to make the site my homepage,  but I'm feeling my own rage.

What it do? some will try to test ya, but we're bold!!  hated on like RG3 and Colin Kaepernick but performing out here in the arena,  but it's my own stage. 

What it do? some say it's cold!! act like you knew it!!  the critical stage of development wasn't affected by global warming. 

What it do? we're cold and hot as we rebuke the scheme or plot, as we span the globe brainstorming. 
The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway but we heard the discussions at the staff meeting!! alt shift deleting is the prime objective.

Trying to get over the hump? some said it's all love but  internet romance scams were ran by slick Eastern Europeans and Russians plus Nigerians!! we were disrespected.

Trying to get over the hump? we kept rolling down I-20  in Atlanta but some didn't understand a brotha!! lines are disconnected, we were told to vacate the premises!! the thought and fashion police was busy!! some suited up like King Arthur, riding white horses.

This HumpDay Extravganza is for those who once believed empty promises, but now the armor is chinked because they didn't make the right choices.

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