Friday, March 15, 2013

The Elaborate Fantasy (The Scripture)

 It was a big dream world; but the drama North Korea military exercises;  yellow caution tape surrounded the construction site! 

The dream team built an Elaborate Fantasy!! what were they on?  faulty data was corrupting the site! 

Whats the deal with it?  brown skies like China or a brown site due to pollution?  a hater was like Carnival cruise line with broke down ships...still trying to make dollars or cake it up! 

Whats the deal with it?  O-Dizzle will get the sound tight!! check how he "hollas at us" ...he takes a beat and breaks it up! 

Whats the deal with it?  O-Zone was rolling down I-20 in Atlanta ...brakes were bad up in the hooptie;  I had to pump them! 

Deliberate Falsehoods going down in this zone!! what's up?  check the Nathan Shady Deal ...did he find any good Negroes? when will the truth be told?  God has the big and little jokers in the spades game..he will trump them! 

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