Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Elaborate Fantasy / The Sonic Assault Edition

Damn!! the mothership lands back on earth...I just got back from the Mystic Voyage! 

A brotha got scientific;  caught in the Pisces stellium. ..what did another tell him? they tried to discourage...
A fanatic catches the backlash like Sarah Palin at CPAC;  whats up with that? hatred is Supreme Courage and maximum strength is exhibited! 

The blackjack slaps some out of the Elaborate Fantasy like Dr Phil telling them to get over it / deal with it!

 I'm back jack!!  moving in a new direction....Aries season is here; now real with it!! we had to spring forward! 

Shots blocked on the backboard like Mutombo!! no! no! no! waving my finger!! check the vertical or spring that's like a power forward! 

Moving forward never the dread from Jamaica said! 

Moving forward....carrying the sword of truth..please!! were dedicated like a Deadhead;  others acted fake instead!

 O-Dizzle?  beats he breaks instead of breaking bread like Obama and Republicans! 

Whats the dizzle?  the whole game is shady...this brotha recognizes the pattern! 

Whats the dizzle?  jumping to the right conclusion based on how jokers play me usually not checking for me!

 Unless they're looking for a scapegoat;  then they provide labor to help me build an Elaborate Fantasy! 

Showing hate!!  like Kimani Gray shot by NYPD in East Flatbush; whose the next to be caught up in the ambush? they're damning me if I did or didn't go along with the program!

Dub plates are dealers in the flat with dry kush;  O-Dizzle drops funk;  he wasn't about a slow jam! 

The rubs slates or plates;  plus corporations were fracking! 

Fakes kept building elaborate fantasies; who will understand these? they said something about catching up on their pimping / macking!


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