Sunday, October 05, 2014

Doing The Knowledge vs Conflict With The World

Do the knowledge; or suffer the consequences;  you’ll be in conflict with the world!

That could be a good thing!! being in the world but not of the world!! even though innocent bystanders get victimized when the drama unfurled!!!

Who’s caught in the whirlwind?  like ISIS in the Mideast  evil forces are merging; now we have next level dramatics!!

Who’s working it like Ferguson authorities? in these hostile territories they call themselves rounding  up the usual suspects; they’re acting like  next level fanatics!!!

These next level mathematics will rebuke them as sonic assaults nuke them!! they’re up to their usual antics; what’s the modes operandi?  they’re like birds of prey!!

What’s the usual strategy? we do the knowledge after being in conflict with this world !! we study the word and pray!!!!!
Doing The Knowledge vs Conflict With The World | Whats Really Going On?

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