Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Fantasy / Reality Mashup PT. 10

Fantasy and reality will get mashed up, once again!! it's like I'm a DJ on the mix..

What's the deally?  per ATL traffic  on the Outer Loop vehicles crashed up in this piece!! similar to the train of thought running off the rails? the mind playing tricks?

What's the deally? I'm not out of the loop, usually determining the perspective on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday.

The outlook can be positive or negative,  especially if y'all act brand new with me. 

Not everyone;  it's like Comey vs Trump, y'all know who I'm talking about!! it's usually thought and fashion police and their informants. 

...Also known as devils advocates or his homies;  hustles knocked as we come back with this, so it's on me!!  revolutionary feelings laid dormant. 

...But we know how the sport can get,  the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl was an example.  

...Winning one minute, then losing the next;  even the Cleveland Cavaliers can tell you the sport is complex!  do you need a stamp bro? 

...After going postal,  pushing the envelope; fantasy and reality mashed up? some can't cope with the aftermath. 

Fantasy and reality mashed up? do the knowledge, get your stash up!! act like you know bro!!  some gain  20 /20 hindsight after taking the path! 

Fantasy and reality mashed up?  per the GOP Health Care Plan some are faking while doing the math or succumbing to distractions?

Oh yes!! like Trump changing the narrative there's plenty of them,  haters love them because they'll limit your progress /  interactions.

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