Monday, March 27, 2017

Vibrations PT.5 (Monday Morning Edition)

Intuition was working overtime, even on this Monday Morning!!  your dude felt the vibrations. 

I kept moving,  playing it like Lakeside!!  all the way live in these situations. 

Reading the TelePrompTer checking the latest indications,  then I governed myself accordingly. 

...Borrowing a line from old school Baptist preachers,  I even composed this on the church grounds!! a dude recognized where the boundaries or borders will be. 

...Before Trump built the wall, so  what's up y'all?  some cat rode by listening to Hot 107.9 on the church grounds.

Beats thump,  while spiritually I'm still trying to get over the hump!!  vibrations felt in the sounds. 

Soon I was over in Decatur off of Glenwood Road; vibrations felt on these grounds like I was at the Cameo club up in Cincinnati!!

Excuse me I told a hater, I've been hood so check the mode! vibrations felt on these grounds like I was at Club Cedar up in Louisville, so what's the deal? holla at me!!

So how do you feel? disappointed like Kentucky Wildcat fans after North Carolina won on a last second shot?

So how do you feel?  your dude missed an appointment in Kentucky, so I chilled in Charlotte North Carolina for a minute; what's the deal with it?  Rev. William Barber makes sure they'll act right up in that spot..

Others didn't come right with the scheme or plot, they'll have to pull it back like the GOP Health Care Plan...

Brothas like me felt the vibrations, per the clash of the haves and have nots!! Abtract Truth said if it's not working  get another plan...

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