Monday, March 13, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT.4

Once again it's on!! your dude is still ranting and raving even on this Monday morning!!  getting breakbeat scientific will be the antidote. 

Once again it's on!! providing Monday Motivation? I'm  breaking from the norm so some say I'm misbehaving!!  I'm just trying to chill with a beat and a quote. 

Casting a vote was like casting our fate to the wind per George Benson;  now we're dealing with Donald Trump. 

...Plus per John McCain he's dealing with the Russians, meanwhile we keep cold crushing!! ranting and raving dropping this good word and beats that thump.

It's not the HumpDay Extravaganza but your dude is a 21st Century beatnik,  trying to get over the hump like it's the middle of the week. 

I-20 Chronicles type of business is handled!! out off of I-20 in Atlanta?  the constituents outlook was bleak. 

Dude was on fleek at South Dekalb Mall in Decatur !!! sitting up in the Chevy Impala listening to some ATL hip hop / auto tuned / mumbled nursery rhymes. 

His mother got in the car and told him to turn that mess down!! how will it go down?  in his future, brainwashed, then he stumbled?  nursed back to health after committing crimes?

A brotha kept moving,  going for mine!! ranting and raving some say misbehaving!!  soon over on Glenwood Road in Decatur by the Chevron station where old girl was buying scratch off lottery tickets!! in the thick of it where anything can jump off. 

A brotha kept moving, check this black man's psychology!!   but this ATL life is rough for some!! they're scratched off the list,  now they're looking for an overpass to jump off. 

...Like that cat on Courtland Street on the Downtown Connector? check this black man's psychology!! no Palmer Cortland or Asa Buchanan connections!! reality bumps one off

Like Bracketology 2017 stats were kept in the sport!! somebody even mentioned famine or feast!! for a dollar?  another bumps one off.

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