Friday, March 17, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT. 8

I'm posted up in the lab ranting and raving!! rolling on the information highway but I pulled over,  I got off the beaten path.

Comedians roasted others up in this piece!! while everyone was laughing some fools got over per the new Federal Funds rate!!  deals sweetened with the new math? 

Some are meeting the wrath from their constituents like they were at a GOP town hall meeting.

 No sweet thing from  Rufus and Chaka Khan in the background,  some will catch a beat down like it's a street thing.

This is a blatant and discrete thing!! blatant like Rick Ross vs Birdman and somewhat discrete like Wikileaks per the CIA..

Didn't vacate the premises even though I was attacked by the arch nemesis as he wreaks havoc on others; I'm blessed to see another day...

Able to run another play like the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders in the NCAA tournament; blue collar is how we'll work it...

A brotha will play the funk, while also using the key to unlock the latest mystery; that's how we'll work it..

Well, we tried to open the trunk in the hooptie but the key didn't fit!!  truth be told, were mysteries hidden like Trump wiretap claims?

Sean Spicer gets hot and spicy with his own version of ranting and raving / misbehaving!! he should charge it to the game..

It ain't nothing nice cousin!! we kept working, ranting and raving though some say we're misbehaving!! thought and fashion police conducting raids like ICE agents? 

It ain't nothing nice cousin!!  that's the word on the curb as the streets keep buzzing!! fouls were flagrant..

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