Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT.5

Here we go again, ranting and raving!! some say misbehaving!! is it like the Congressional Budget Office vs the GOP Healthcare Plan? I hear the hook from Sure Thing by Saint Germain with John Lee Hooker playing in the background; that ain't right!!

Here we go again!! who's real? it's hard to tell as others are misbehaving!! they didn't want to let it go!!  is it truth or fake news?  that's why I'm intergalactic, I stay in flight.

Here we go again!! like the White House walking back the wiretapping claim I see the truth game is played!! holla at the priest during the confessional,  after seeing what the stress will do!! you'll be frozen like water on the moon!! 

Cold and snowy like the Northeast or even the Arctic!! but it's melting per Al Gore!! he said sho you right like Barry White!! I'm sure you've heard the tune!!

Old school from an old fool ranting and raving / misbehaving on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday per the perspective? 

Old rules broken when rebutting ruthless ones who dealt in the helter skelter  / bringing drama while I bring insight?  like looking at the Michael Brown video thought and fashion police disrespected

Some are all choked up like Elvis from previous scenarios!! but we blast off, out of there!! others stay out there in the smoke and mirrors.

Broke out of it / some lied about it / others joked about it when we went through our trials and errors.

Now we're ranting and raving after being out there!! outside the box!!  I mentioned being intergalactic.

Jokers said we're misbehaving with this, now storm troopers and Hunger Games Peacekeepers rolling up with thoughts of enslaving us!!  we stay one step ahead of a fanatics.

There's no where to run or hide!! the drama is local, national, international and intergalactic!!  we're avoiding meteor showers, also fire showers from ghettos / barrios / to the suburbs  / to a Palestinian and Israeli settlement.

How did some ride? they're acting irrational!! there's even  the ghetto hot mess and the trailer park madness!! starting at an early age? some will settle for it.

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