Monday, March 06, 2017

Fantasy / Reality Mashups PT.9

Concepts will combine while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta; I-20 Chronicles type of business takes place, plus I mash up fantasy and reality.

Deception?  mind playing tricks? damn!! yesterday? Sunday drivers making me lose my religion like R.E.M. ? 

Reception to my kind playing the mixes all the way live like Lakeside? per this Monday morning we're not fake when we ride, the  BPM is calculated. 

What's up son? my kind praying due to Earth Wind and Fire Ways Of The World!! per Berkley pro-Trump rallies the foul still hated! 

Himalayan type players debated pressing issues on so many levels!! at the end of the day?  gamblers are out for a fast buck. 

Mayan type of knowledge gets dropped on them when fantasy and reality are mashed up.

Egos get bashed up in this piece!! at the end of the day?  a lot of us are cashing reality checks

Swags / steelos crashed up in this piece!!  now some are considered bipolar, they're even rolling with polar opposites. 

Dag!! dang man!! authorities said Negroes / Mexicans and Arabs matched composites,  now facing immigration bans

Beats bang man, plus this good word is dropped per the fantasy / reality mash up!!  I tried to build my stash up while still rocking some old out of date / out of fashion Value City jeans with some run over Vans!!

It's a big world / universe somebody understands these fantasy / reality mashups! I found that out after lights blinked on the instrument panel in the mothership..

Oh!! opposition was met!! the world stoned and cursed intergalactic travelers after the mothership crashed up in this piece!! thought and fashion police were asking, what's up with it? 


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