Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It's Time To Get Down PT.5 (Back On The Home Court)

It's time to get down with this!! this chef from soul' s kitchen will update the menu. 

..Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta rocking some old Soul Children talking about The Sweeter He Is;  but was he just a crook carrying the  pistol / heater? he is!!  that's why I stayed on point while chilling at another venue. 

Posted this  up at Random Thoughts From A Brotha, cold chilling  for a minute or two!!  maybe half a minute per Matt Bianco

Now I'm back on my home court, familiar territory even though it didn't help Kansas against Oregon but once again it's on!! thoughts are selected at random,  who'll understand them?  in the background I heard please Negro! 

...Or is it Negro please?  either way,  it's hard to be at ease!!  but it's time to get down!! I  mentioned the vibrations at my last episode. 

Check the swag / steelo; intuition is working overtime!!  soon an information overload? 

Checked the swagger of those per their public transportation / transformation!! acting brand new with this? 

Checked the dagger bearer rolling up while I was in transformation mode!! was he working with the other side like Devin Nunes?  

Checked the dagger bearer rolling out like the Raiders  moving  to Las Vegas, leaving Oakland and Alameda County Stadium.. 

Disrespected? who's fair with ya? will the  Power Rangers  save the day for them? 

Disconnected? Ronnie Laws Friends and Strangers played in the background as I tell the constituents it's time to get down!!

Wrecked it? what? the vehicle, while we were out on the road? naw, but now we're back on the home court, there's no mission abort!! it's time to get down!!

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