Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Cleaning / Spring Training PT.9

 It's going down!! we're in the midst of Spring Cleaning / Spring Training!!  but I see moments were ackward. 

 It's going down!! we're still doing our thing, maintaining!!  still putting it down blue collar style!  it's like clockwork. 

But like Trump vs Germany others knock the work / hustle,  but the Lord will bless it.  

Beats thump and this good word will be the response!! now the devil and his advocates are mad,  they'll stress it. 

What's up homie? we testify like James Comey!!  bear witness to this spring equinox type of business!! I'm writing this as seasons crossover. 

Separate but equal / Plessy Ferguson hustle knocks? from Brexit in the EU to Ferguson the planet rocks!! is the game over?  

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