Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (Assessing The Damage)

 Once again it's on!! the spring equinox energized a dude,  now he rocks! work is put in.!

Spring cleaning / spring training led to these Outback Chronicles,  I'm outside in the backyard working. 

Plus,  I'm assessing the damage after storms blew through Atlanta; trees need trimming along with my physique from Outback Steakhouse visits. 

Assessing the damage; penalties and fees need trimming due to unique economic circumstances!!  I'm done / out of it!!  from dealing with fake ones in the house and senate plus jokers administering punishment that's corporal or corporate;  just dimwits.

Stressing due to mismanagement?  I knew how the sport would get weed and water carriers were  erecting barriers like Trump wants to build that wall. 

...Mentioned by Matrix and Futurebound;  like Craig Mack can I get down?  so what's up y'all? 

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