Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ranting and Raving / Misbehaving PT.6

What it do? a dude is still ranting and raving even though the calendar indicates another HumpDay Extravaganza has rolled around.  

What it do? a dude misbehaving? check the style of a brotha per this regular scheduled programming; this good word is dropped and check the sound. 

Still digital crate digging, no slow jamming even though it's all love!  I'm coming at you another way. 

Frequency jamming?  Wikileaks CIA phone /  TV and microwave hacking is how intruders play. 

Mentioned by Kellyanne Conway, but I had to admit sometimes the Intruders Cowboys to Girls will play!! in the lab?  O-Dizzle will chop the beats up. 

Sometimes intruders roll up like Dallas Cowboys!! it's like up in Chicago,  the chopper heats the streets up. 

Roy Ayers asked about Chicago,  meanwhile Gil Scott Heron said we almost lost Detroit

Even Gregory Porter mentioned it in 1960 what? actually?  we did,  they're coming out of bankruptcy with contracts null and void. 

Ill contacts I avoid, dealing with the ongoing corruption from Trump and Republicans,  even mentioned in Proverbs

What's up son?  just ranting and raving,  rebuking these busters and herbs. 

What's up son? word on these curbs and the word in the wind is analyzed; what's the prognosis?

Chefs up in hells kitchen used dangerous herbs and spices; check the lethal doses..

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