Monday, March 27, 2017

It's Time To Get Down PT.4 (The Relocation)

 It's time to get down!! check out the relocation, I moved things around!! this concept usually goes down  per the Sonic Assaults!!

It's time to get down!! vibrations were felt over there, while I get down over here at Random Thoughts... 

It's all in the family like Trump and  Jared Kushner as I move on to the next like Trump and tax reform,  knowing the sport is complex, so what's the norm?  there's no rest for you. 

Conflicts aren't final,  in the lab? O-Dizzle will dig through the vinyl!! call him Doctor Polyester. 

Conflicts aren't final!! digital crate digging was the method to the madness!! contests aren't over until the fat lady sings. the opera; but some hear footsteps in the dark per the Isley Brothers or was it the Phantom of the opera?  drama?  one brings. 

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